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The main gate will be open between 6:30-7:00am depending on the facility. It will take a while to sign in all attendees at the main gate so please try to arrive as early as possible. If you can arrive the day before the event please do so. No trucks, SUVs, vans, etc. (Please contact us for exceptions to this rule.)

Rules for convertibles vary based on the facility being used for the event. These rules always change so please contact us to make sure your convertible is allowed.

You will need to provide your own car numbers. They must be 8" or larger and clearly visible on both sides of the car. Please make sure to have a backup set of different numbers if for some reason your first choice is already taken. We suggest getting 3 individual numbers, for each side, so that you can create different combinations of numbers. Painters/track tape will be acceptable.

Before staging in pit lane, clear your car of any loose items. Make sure you remove loose items from the door pockets, behind the seats, the glove box, the ashtray, the armrest, the trunk, and your parking pass behind the sun visor. Remove hubcaps, lug nut covers, floor mats and that Clubtm you never use on the steering wheel. Make sure that the numbers on your car are securely attached to the rear door, quarter windows, or C-pillar, and are clearly visible.

Long, cotton pants and long-sleeved, cotton shirts are mandatory when on-track unless announced during the drivers' meeting.

Open face helmets are strongly discouraged. They will be allowed as long as they have the proper SA Snell rating. (For allowed year ratings check the event's details page.) Visors on full-face helmets must be in the "down" position while on track.

Speed limit in the paddock is 15 mph. Speed limit on access roads is 20 mph.

No consumption of alcohol will be allowed during the track/driving portion of the event. You may not bring in alcohol onto the track property.

Smoking is prohibited in the pit area, near the gas pumps, and in any buildings, including tech shed and classrooms.

Any video equipment must be rigidly and securely mounted, metal-to-metal, or an approved suction cup mount. The camera must also be tethered in the event the mount should fail. The event coordinators and instructors have the discretion to ask cameras and other equipment be removed if they feel it is blocking the driver's vision or encouraging inappropriate or unsafe driving.

Track and liability insurance regulations prohibit the timing of vehicles and competitive driving (unless otherwise noted). THIS WILL BE ENFORCED. Please do not jeopardize the safety of other participants and our organization's insurance by ignoring this rule. Traqmates and other data acquisition devices may be used, but no in-car display will be allowed. NOTE: The only insurance covering drivers and their vehicles at an event facility is their own.

Driver's window must remain completely down at all times. If the passenger seat is occupied, its window must also remain down. Rear windows and sunroof will remain closed.

The only people allowed on the track are participants and instructors. Passengers may be allowed at the discretion of event officials, once a student has been signed off Solo by their instructor. PLEASE NOTE: If you are allowed a passenger do not turn the session into a "show-off" session. If this happens, you will be expelled from the event WITHOUT a refund.

Pets are allowed, but must be leashed at all times. Failure to maintain your pet could result in your ejection from the event.

Do not, under any circumstances, pound stakes or make holes in any asphalt surface. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may also be asked to leave the facility.

Do not work on, fuel, or leave cars unattended on any area of the hot or cold pit. Only park/paddock in designated paved areas or on the grassy areas between the access roads. Do not jack vehicles on the asphalt surface in the pits/paddock area. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt as a last resort, YOU MUST HAVE WOOD or METAL UNDER THE JACK/JACKSTANDS to prevent indentations and holes in the asphalt. Damage to the asphalt as a result of jack/jack stands will be billed to you by TrackDaze and the track.

Do not paint any asphalt surface.

It is mandatory that waste materials be disposed of in the correct drums, (antifreeze, oil, brake fluid, etc.) which are located in the paddock. Spillage may result in ejection from the facility.

Participants are to remove all used tires, batteries, and unwanted parts.

Absolutely no bedding of new brakes and/or testing of vehicles on the infield roads.

Many tracks have gas pumps and these pumps will be available during the event. These pumps require use of a credit or debit card to purchase fuel. Many are not attended or accept cash payment. Availability will be announced during the event.

TrackDaze puts on some of the safest and most professional track events I attend, but always manages to keep the fun factor alive at the same time.

- Mike Skeen