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Our High Perfromance Driving Experience (HPDE) Program gives drivers a chance to test their skills and learn from talented instructors in a venue designed for safe spirited driving far away from the risks present on the street. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned track veteran, we have a program designed specifically for your skill level. Our Advanced Driver Education (ADE) events are designed for Intermediate and higher level drivers looking to take the next step in significantly improving their driving.

Membership to our organization is FREE! If you register as a member to this site, you must register and attend at least one (1) of our track events per calendar year to remain in good standing. Regardless of when you register as a member of the site, you still must attend one (1) event by the end of that calendar year*.

We are all supposed to be adults, let's act like it!

Violation of any of the rules will result in your account being disabled. This in turn will prevent you from registering for our events. In order to have your account privileges reinstated, you will need to contact us by sending us an email. We also reserve the right to disable or remove your account for any behavior we deem detrimental to the successful operation of TrackDaze, LLC, its partners, and our events.

All information collected in the registration processes is used for TrackDaze, LLC only. We will not give out, sell, lend, or redistribute any of the information collected on this website for any reason. Furthermore, only TrackDaze, LLC Staff has access to your personal information.

Your Name, Car make, model, year, number, and run group is displayed on a registration list that only other members can see. If you wish to have your name removed from an event's list after you have registered you may contact us and we will gladly remove it. Or you may include the removal request in the "Comments" section of the registration form.

*Only exceptions: if you register for an account after our last event of the year, but before the start of the new calendar year; and if we only run 1-3 events in your region.

TrackDaze puts on some of the safest and most professional track events I attend, but always manages to keep the fun factor alive at the same time.

- Mike Skeen