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Spaces in each event can NOT be shared with another person, i.e. 2 people sharing the same car in the same run group. You may share a car if the drivers are of different experience levels. Each driver will have to fill out a separate registration and submit it along with separate registration fees.

Instructors are required for Novice students. Intermediate and Advanced Students can request an instructor for the event, and we will provide one if there are additional instructors available. There is no additional fee.

  1. Click on the event you wish to register for from the home page. Next select the option(s) you want and click continue. As a member all off your information should auto-magically appear. Finish the registration form and submit.
  2. You should receive a confirmation email
  3. Please make sure to pay the registration fee immediately or else your registration WILL BE DELETED!

This year you can pay your registration fee online through PayPal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to process your registration fee through that option. For more information on either service please click on the appropriate button below.

Additional Options

Instructors ONLY: Depending on the event there will be either a deposit, which is fully refundable as long as you cancel your registration 3 weeks prior to the start of the event, or there will be a small fee to attend. In cases where there is a small fee you will be guaranteed only one student.

By submitting your registration and payment you agree to follow all rules and regulations set forth by Event Coordinators and track officials.

TrackDaze puts on some of the safest and most professional track events I attend, but always manages to keep the fun factor alive at the same time.

- Mike Skeen