ADE courses are a new style of course dedicated to learning more about life beyond HPDE.You can find these courses as add-ons to our current event offerings.

There are no special vehicle or equipment requirements to enroll in ADE courses. We recommend you take into account your safety and the safety of others. Your vehicle must be able to pass the normal HPDE tech at a minimum.

Instructor clinic:

TrackDaze has developed its own instructor certification process, geared towards those Advanced Level Drivers who have progressed through the HPDE process and now wish to impart knowledge and skills acquired to the next crop of HPDE students. Current TrackDaze Instructors and instructors certified by other groups are encouraged to register.

The Instructor clinic will feature three classroom sessions and three track exercise sessions (approximately 30 minutes on-track each). There will be one off-track exercise each day, and one 30-minute normal open track session. During the open session, there are no exercises; you will be free to drive the track as you would during a normal HPDE track session at speed. This clinic is scored as PASS/FAIL. When you pass you will be certified to instruct at any of our HPDE events on a provisional basis.


Are you thinking about or ready to take the step to Wheel-to-Wheel racing and a Competition license? TrackDaze's experienced racers and instructors can help prepare you for success at Comp School or simply give you the detailed information you need to make an informed decision when making the leap from the HPDE format to a licensed amateur racer. Through the use of on-track exercises and classroom instruction the Pre-Comp course reviews all areas required for a successful Comp School experience, from choosing the right organization for you, to car preparation, and what to expect during the process and preparing for your first race.

The Pre-Comp group will have three classroom sessions, as well as four 30-minute track sessions each day. You will be given the chance to pair with another group member for the exercises. The exercises are great practice and give you an excellent idea of what to expect at Competition School. Racecars are not required for Pre-Comp; but cars must pass our normal HPDE tech inspection. No actual racing will occur. Open to Intermediate and higher experienced drivers.


Many advanced and experienced drivers, as well as time trialers and novice racers, are curious to learn what makes quicker drivers quicker and faster racers faster! The mission of this advanced driver course is to share with attendees tried, true and data-proven qualities, skill sets and thinking processes that are common among the leading drivers of any driving discipline. This is the definition of "speed craft." Awareness, proper mental preparation and targeted practice of exercises focusing on enhancing execution of these qualities will help enhance all drivers, at any level. If you want to turn faster laps, this is the class for you.

This class will have four 30-minute on-track sessions and four classroom sessions each day, and open passing. If you want to turn faster laps, this is the class for you. The information that will be presented in the class is not available from anywhere else without paying for one of those expensive "race schools". Many advanced and experienced drivers also hire professional coaches that cost thousands of dollars per day in order help fine tune their skills. You will get the same information, presented in a classroom format, that could potentially place you above your peers on track. Potentially cut SECONDS off your lap times! Open to Intermediate and higher experienced drivers.

TrackDaze puts on some of the safest and most professional track events I attend, but always manages to keep the fun factor alive at the same time.

- Mike Skeen