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Open Track Schedule

TestDRIVE Schedule

Instruction Philosophy

TrackDaze is dedicated to the education of the track enthusiast to the racing car driver. With an ever changing landscape of the sport and hobby we are modifying our organizational philosophy on in car instruction. What is pushing this change is newer car models, insurance companies, tracks, incidents on track during our events and other organizations, and feedback from our instructors. There are risks associated with the sport, but we are committed to doing everything feasible within our power to maximize safety and minimize risk. Read More

Enhanced Driver Training

Enhanced Driver Training is available at select TrackDaze events. This enhanced program will offer professional coaching, data acquisition, and analysis to Instructors and Advanced Level drivers as an upgrade to the standard event registration. The program is set up to bring the value of professional coaching to its members at an enthusiast-friendly price. Get coached by World Challenge Driver Mike Skeen or Grand Am Series Driver Tom Long. Read More


If you want to turn faster laps, this is the class for you. The information that will be presented in the class is not available anywhere else without paying for one of those expensive "race schools". Many advanced and experienced drivers also hire professional coaches that cost thousands of dollars per day in order help fine tune their skills. TrackDaze has brought this knowledge & expertise to the average HDPE participant. Presented in a professional classroom format, you will benefit from the latest in Video & Data analysis combined with proven speed secrets, to cut SECONDS off your lap times. Open to Intermediate and higher experienced drivers. Read More

Instructor Clinic

TrackDaze has developed its own instructor certification program, geared towards Advanced Level Drivers who have progressed through the HPDE process and now wish to impart knowledge and skills acquired to the next crop of HPDE students. Current TrackDaze Instructors and instructors certified by other groups are encouraged to register. Read More

Data Tags

You can purchase a Data Tag when you register for any of our events. This tag will record number of laps and lap time, and is only good for that particular event. The data will be posted online after each event for review & comparison. No personally identifiable information will be posted. Each tag is assigned a unique number which identifies your specific data.

HPDE vs Open Track

HPDE events include classroom instruction, and in-car instruction is also available depending on the run group you select. This typically includes four (4) 30 min on track sessions each day. These events are available to ALL skill leveled drivers.

Open Track events have no classroom and no in-car instruction available. You get three (3) or four (4) 30min on track sessions each day, PLUS a BONUS 2 or 2.5 hour combined session at the end of the day. That is FOUR (4) hours of track time each day! These events are only open to Intermediate Solo and above level drivers.

TrackDaze puts on some of the safest and most professional track events I attend, but always manages to keep the fun factor alive at the same time.

- Mike Skeen